Today in a well-read UK newspaper two videos of people fighting were published. Why do newspaper editors show this? It is hard to believe that children would so blatantly and viciously attach another child. The videos of people fighting show children hitting, kicking and stamping on other children. It is so disheartening that other children encourage it and even film it to post on social media. What has happened to some children where they feel that it is okay to hurt another so badly and seem to get pleasure out of doing so.

So, the person doing the violence is unethical, the people encouraging it are unethical and the people filming it are unethical. However, even more unethical are the editors who publish for the world to see those videos of people fighting. By publishing violent acts, one is encouraging it. It is no use saying “This newspaper condemns all violence” and then giving it  credibility and “approval” by publishing it. In this age of social media followers, the act of publishing encourages people to initiate acts of violence merely to film it and put it on social media.

Newspapers, television and all social media  could do much to reduce violence by doing the ethical thing by refusing to publish any act of violence. Of course this is a pipe dream. Those who publish videos of peope fighting don’t care. Looks like legislation and fines are all these unethical editors understand.