In another article I explained how the producers of TV talent shows could be accused of being unethical. There are other examples of unethical shows on television. Take for example, the Jerry Springer and Jeremy Kyle shows. What do they do:

  • Find people who are not very intelligent and who have something horrible/sad going on in the family/life.
  • Encourage them somehow  (possibly payment of money) to come on TV and talk about it.
  • Worst of all intentionally whip them up into a massive verbal and often physical fight. It is likely that the most verbally violent people will be chosen to go on these shows – if they are not violent enough it “would not make good TV”!  The encouragement to physical violence is there …  the way people are seated, the questions asked … and the “bouncers” ready to step in to stop physical attacks
  • Mock, belittle, chastise participants ( in front of millions of viewers).
  • Encourage members of the audience to join in the baiting.

What else can you call this disgusting spectacle but unethical? Can anyome condone taking advantage of disadvantaged people with problems – encouraging then to be at each others throats, setting off against each other of mother and daughter, brother and sister, husband and wife .

What could be the motive: money, rating, fame for the presenters and pershaps a nasty streak of seeing people hurt even more than they are already.


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