The form of politics in the United Kingdom is adversarial. You have a party or parties that form a  government and you have a party or parties that form the opposition.  The story goes that the purpose of an opposition is to keep the government in check and call it to account when necessary.


However, in real life what is the motive of an opposition? To do all it can to be elected to government. What is the result of his striving to govern?

  1. At least 500,000 people – members and supporters of the parties in opposition hope everyday for disasters to befall the people of the UK. It is only if disasters happen and people feel let down that they will vote for the opposition parties at te next election. How can that be good for nation when  so many people wish it bad?
  2. With the them/us and win/lose mentality, people who are nice. friendly people normally turn into rabid fanatics when they join a political party. Examples of this are:
  • shouting people down, mocking others (watch the disgrace of Prime Minister’s question time);
  • attacking people personally instead of dealing with their points of debate (note how people call UKIP members racists);
  • imputing bad motives, (in the Scottish Independence debates some SNP people said the YES politicians were just saying things to keep their jobs);
  • distorting to the point of lying (for example, saying that UKIP members are anti-immigration, when they are actually for sensible immigration);
  • not admitting to mistakes but exaggerating mistakes of others;
  • not giving praise when the other side does something good/well;
  • manipulate people with emotive words;
  • stabbing friends and colleagues in the back (witness Douglas Carswell a Conservative defecting to UKIP and betraying the supporters who worked to get him elected and UKIP’ dumping a long-standing, hard-working member who was already selected as the Parliamentary candidate for Clackton, to install Carswell.

3. The result is ineffective government where politicians are so bent on scoring silly points and defending themselves from        accusations that little of  real value gets decided. Just think of the lack of any real progress any government makes.

When people engage in these kinds of behaviours what else can you call them but unethical politicians?

Over the years I have been a member of the Lib Dems and UKIP, hoping to find a political group who would put principles before power – but alas, I am no longer a member of any political party. As long as we have an adversarial system, unethical politicians will continue.


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