There are now many companies and individual who make money by writing essays (and even degree theses) for university and college students. Calling these services “unethical essay writing services”  can be justified on at least five fronts.

  1. No Development. The whole purpose of setting essays is to train students to understand what is being asked of them, research for relevant facts and opinions and to reason. By doing all this for a student you rob them of the developmental opportunity essay writing provides.
  2. Encouraging unethical behaviour. Unethical essay writing services encourage and enable students to cheat.
  3. Cheating (lying). When students submit work by another and claim it as their own, they are lying and some would say cheating. They are lying thatiit is their work and they are cheating because they get a grade they do not deserve.
  4. Unethical writers. What about the people who are prepared to make money form depriving students of the training they need and enabling students to cheat. Surely the writers are engaged in unethical behaviour.
  5. Academic Foundations harmed. It cannot be denied that the unethical essay writing services, the unethical behaviour of students and paid writers are harming the very basis of academic pursuits. Universities have had to invest in anti-plagarism software to detect cheating students. However, if students who cheat are not caught, that could mean that more able students who do not cheat are penalised. In addition, employers who think they are hiring someone with high grades , are in fact hiring a cheat.


Some unethical essay writing services try to cover up their unethicalness by saying that they are helping students understand their essay topic, or that model answers are in fact accepted as a good learning tool by schools and universities and that ghostwriting is commonplace in society. However, surely we can all see through those weak excuses. Model answers are just that .. they are not copied and submitted as real work. A famous person hiring a ghostwriter is not trying to cheat the university and earn grades that are not earned.