I ask for forgiveness in advance.

This article is not meant to offend but to get you to think about the effect we are having on others in daily life. Some of the articles on this website have claimed that  boxing promoters enabling people to bash each other, editors allowing girls to expose their breasts to the public and TV producers creating circumstances where people are mocked and make fools of themselves, are unethical.


If no one wanted to box or expose their breasts or appear on disgusting TV shows, it would not pay – there would be no money in it and those unethical  environments would disappear.  Those who box and participate in soft-porn, cannot be held totally accountable for their taking part in unethical activities. They have been conditioned by a society that says these things are okay – indeed desirable – your get medals and TV contacts and big pay packets  if you succeed.

But what about we who watch these events? When we go to a boxing match and pay for the ticket, are we not giving into the basest of human emotions? Do we not get pleasure (scream, shout and get excited)  from seeing others get hurt? Is it right to take  our pleasure from seeing someone beaten till he/she bleeds?

Why do we watch X-Factor and Jeremy Kyle? Be honest, it is not because it is educational or adds anything to our lives. For most it is again giving in to the most vile of human emotions –  taking delight in others’ failing, being lambasted and making fools of themselves. We know this is so because producers openly admit that they lose rating if a show lack controversy, pain, shouting and mocking.

Is it ethical to take pleasure from other’s misfortune and pain?

Is it ethical to buy a daily newspaper creates the falsehood that exposing your breasts is good for you?

Is it ethical to attend events and pay money which then let’s others think their unethical behaviour is okay?

You know the answers!



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