Many people use the terms “unethical” and “immoral” as if they are the same thing and people often wonder – unethical and immoral – what’s the difference?

There is a distinct difference.

Let’s take “immoral” acts first. We say some things are immoral because we don’t agree with them and we think they are wrong things to do. We think they are wrong because, that is the way we have been brought up, because we don;t like those acts personally, our society tells us it is wrong and our religion tells us itis wrong.

The problem is that morals change with time and place. Homosexuality and having a baby out of wedlock were are one time deemed immoral. Now they are not. In one society something is immoral but in another society they are not. What is going on? How can something be immoral and then not immoral?

The answer is that ethicals are at work. Ethical are like higher morals – they tell you if a moral or a religious rule is good or bad. Ethicals are to do with ultimate human dignity. Ethicals do not change with time and place but as the human race develops more and more ethicals are revealed. That is why, for example:

  • We as humans feel bad when animals are badly treated;
  • Even when a criminal has done the worst deed possible to another human being, we feel bad when that criminal is beaten or kicked or spat on;
  • We no longer accept forcing people to kill each other in arenas and make people fight wild animals.

Unethical and Immoral – what’s the difference? Some morals can actually be bad (female genital mutialtion or marrying off girls at are 9 or 10) ethicals are always good.