The Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics is based in The Philosophy department in Oxford University in England. It was founded with support from the Uehiro Foundation on Ethics and Education of Japan.

One of the Cntre’s main activities is to provide a structured lecture program that the university uses to enrich other academic courses. It involves a series of three lectures on practical aspects of ethics.

The Centre is committed to raising awareness of ethical issues in the broader community and stimulating debate in the public arena. The design and nature of the courses does not take any position as to what is right or wrong. The purpose is to stimulate thinking and productive debate that transcends boundaries, and only focuses on the facts of situations to determine right from wrong.

The Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics hosts scholars and students wishing to engage in research in practical and applied ethics as academic visitors. Applications are invited three times a year and are to be submitted at least one term in advance of the proposed dates of the visit.


The Centre aims and hopes that practical application of ethics should be used to guide choices made by humans towards the betterment of themselves and society at large.  The Centre  takes cognizance of the fact that there is no such thing as universal ethics. Every context has an influence as to what is ethical and what is not of significance. Ethical practice is closely tied to culture, decorum and values of given groups or communities.

There are four valuable resources on the website:

  1. a daily commentary on ethical issues in the news
  2. open access to the Journal of Practical Ethics
  3. Open access to a collection of papers on ethics back to 2005.
  4. Hundreds of audio files/podcasts of seminar and special lectures.