NEXT says it seeks to ensure that all products bearing the NEXT Trade Mark are safe, produced in a clean and safe environment, and in accordance with all applicable local legislation and that it will make every effort to work with suppliers in order to reach the standards set out in this code.

  1. There must be no form of forced labour, whether it be involuntary prison labour, indentured labour, bonded labour or otherwise.
  2. No employee should be obliged to work through force, financial pressure, intimidation or any other means.
  3. Suppliers must provide their Employees with a safe and healthy working environment and continue to work towards preventing work-related accidents and maintaining the welfare and safety of their
  4. Suppliers must not employ children who are less than 15 years old or less than the legal minimum age in the country of manufacture.
  5. Employees’ wages should be enough to meet the basic needs of employees and provide for some discretionary expenditure. In all cases, wages must equal or exceed the minimum wage required by law or the industry benchmark standard, whichever is higher and include all legal benefit entitlements.
  6. Normal working hours should not exceed 48 hours per week and must comply with national laws.
  7. All employees shall be afforded equality of treatment.
  8. Employees must be treated with respect, dignity and a workplace free of harassment, abuse, and degrading treatment. No employee will be subject to physical, sexual, mental or any other form of abuse or harassment, or corporal punishment.

For further detail on each of the standards in the NEXT Code of Practice guidance go here: