Now that General Election campaigning is underway in earnest, have you noticed how many journalists, especially on TV and radio and deliberately seeking out and broadcasting widely the silly mistakes and faux-pas that political leaders are making? When David Cameron supposedly made a mistake on whether jam or cream on  a scone, this was reported as a “cream tea catastrophe”. When a UKIP candidate offered people free sausage rolls he was accused of bribery. Photo journalists deliberately take pictures of politicians eating and editors print the most unflattering pictures – again an attempt to mock and belittle

Why do some journalists find it acceptable (ethical) to mock politicians when they make innocent and silly mistakes. If politicians do something which is wrong and unethical, journalists should tell us about it. And sure, some politicians do things that make them look silly but why unethical journalism contributes to the impression that those who will ultimately have control over our lives are all idiots? The fact that newspapers and TV and radio have the power to spread widely their their mocking messages, will lead others to believe that mocking other is acceptable.

Of course those unethical journalists will claim that it is all a bit of fun and the by becoming a politician you set your self up for mocking. But is that not what all bullies and abusers say?

There is so much that needs fixing in our country. Ethical journalists would concentrate on penetrating information and questions that help us understand what needs to be done and who is best able to do it.