When you think about it striking is, in effect, a refusal to work while still keeping your job. Why is it called “industrial action”? Most people strike because they are dissatisfied with their terms and/or conditions – they feel that their employer is not paying them what they they are worth.

When strikers and especially union officials who come on TV and radio to claim they have no choice but to strike, are being dishonest. There always is a choice – withhold your labour by resigning. If an employer has broken the terms of a contract, say on pensions, then sue them.

And that’s where the cowardliness is exposed. Strikers are not sure other employers will value them more highly and hence pay them more. Surely, if your employer is rotten, it makes sense to find a better employer and better pay. If all workers resigned from their organisation, it would begin to fail and employers would then realise the value of the workforce. Of course, the strikers know that hundreds and maybe thousands of people are just waiting to snap up those jobs – at the existing wages and conditions. Strikers are too cowardly to test their value by resigning and seeking a better job.

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