The Center for Ethical Leadership, in Seattle was founded by Dr Bill Grace in 1991  as a nonprofit organisation that cultivates leadership and change capacity that advances social change.  It supports individual, institutional and community transformation necessary to creating healthy, just and inclusive communities.  Part think tank, incubator, and change agency, it helps people develop and carry out change initiatives.

The Center’s activities are guided by five main values:

INCLUSION – Inclusion of all voices, especially those most often marginalized.

INTERDEPENDENCE –  responsibility to and accountability for each other.

COMMUNITY WISDOM – that is inherent in every community and enables the creation of  solutions with existing resources and support.

COURAGE – where everyone is encouraged to practice ethical leadership by living one’s core values every day.

SOCIAL CHANGE – which is sustainable socially, environmentally, and economically just.

The Center has four main initiatives:

  • Confluence which involves a gathering to identify network principles and practices that will ignite and nourish the common good.  Learning to weave networks that can unlock the potential residing in communities in order to take on big challenges.
  • Peace making Circles which aims to transform relationships and build trust so there can be honest conversations, working together, strong community bonding  across issues of race, violence, and disruptive community divides.
  • Community Learning Exchange which is s national network of communities and change agents that share actions, practices, ideas, and outcomes about advancing  collective leadership and locally driven community change.
  • Nourishing Networks Institute that strives to systematically link the latent resources of volunteer time talent and imagination within communities to address the need at hand – beginning with hunger in King County.

The Center for Ethical of Leadership, throughout 1990’s, remained a part of a great effort to train individuals about the potential problems that society faces and putting their best leadership skills to use to lead communities and societies for the common good for all.



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