Glasgow-born Dr Bill has been committed to ethics education for 20 years. Based in Aberdeen, Scotland he travels internationally to give talks and conduct workshops.

Dr Bill Robb - The Ethics Doctor

Bill is a management consultant running his own business and working with management teams from a wide range of businesses. ( He understands the challenges facing businesses – to gain maximum profit while at the same time protecting employees, customers, and the environment. For non-profit organisations the same challenge is there – to achieve the results they were set up to achieve without trampling on the rights of others.

Bill’s first exposure to ethics education was as a journalist with The Star newspaper in Johannesburg when he had to sign a newspaper code of ethics. He went on to study ethics of journalism and eventually gained a DEd degree studying the extent to which ethics plays in the lives of us humans and how important acting ethically is for well-being.

Ethics education aims to get youngsters to understand how being ethical is good for them, their families and the communities in which they live. He founded the Centre for Alleviation of Social Problems through Values Education (CAVE) and wrote and spoke extensively on values education in schools, colleges and universities. He continues this work on a part-time which you can see at

As his commitment to ethics education, Bill has written extensively, both on the practical side of ethical conduct in everyday life and academically. Have a read of the short practical ethics articles here. For academic colleagues there are more detailed papers here.

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