Most young people are wonderful – committed to their school work, engaged in many activities such as music, sport and charity work. They would just not physically attack or steal from another.

Unfortunately,  a relatively small number (not sure if it is 20,000 or 50,000 or 100,000) behave so badly that one hears calls for  youth to be more ethical. Of course, complaints about youth misbehavior have probably been going on since the beginning of human kind. However, the seeming increase in and wide-range of  youth mis-behaviour  -especially its  violent nature , is causing more people to become very worried.

We hear politicians and other society leaders calling for schools and churches and parents to be doing more to ensure ethical behaviour from our children. Little do they realise that all these exhortations and efforts to encourage a more ethical youth are bound to fail. The ethical messages are drowned out by the messages society as a whole gives to children. What are these messages?


  1. It is okay to hit people, and hit them so hard that you draw blood and knock them out.
  2. It is acceptable to show your sexual organs to as many people as possible to make money and in the hope of becoming famous and to make your way in the world.
  3. It is good to mock and belittle people when they are striving to succeed.
  4. It is good entertainment to encourage people with serious family/relationship problems to scream at and fight each other in public and it is okay to laugh at their distress, stupidity and  and bad behaviour, and to mock and lambaste them.
  5. It is proper to shout people down, mock them, be sarcastic and distort what they are saying to win a debate.
  6. It is okay to fantasize about and feel good about chopping people’s heads, arms and legs off or killing them.

Who on earth gives these kinds of messages to our youth? Well 1) boxing promoters and boxers, 2) newspaper editors who publish and the girls who  appear on “page 3″, 3) producers and judges on TV shows such as “The X Factor” and “Britian’s Got Talent”, 4) producers and presenters of TV shows such as Jerry Springer and Jeremy Kyle, 5) the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition and other parliamentarians, and 6) video game producers who encourage the subconscious to rejoice in extreme violence.

A more ethical youth  has no hope in hell unless we tackle the causes of bad behaviour at their root.


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