Unethical videoing gives a horrifying picture of how our society is deteriorating.

How often do we see videos of people being attached by other people or animals. These videos are taken by people – often teenagers, who instead of helping, video the event on their mobile phones. Even worse those people with their mobile phones seem to get great pleasure in videoing and then “taking credit” by hosting it on YouTube and other channels.

What has happened to some human beings to make them think this is ethical behaviour? Surely, the human urge for most of us is to help people being attacked or distressed or in danger? Unethical videoing also  takes place when people are in distress. People are injured and in shock after a car crash, a rail accident, a plane crash or a natural disaster such as a flood or earthquake. What makes some people think it is ethical to video people bleeding and crying at the death of a loved one and then go and expose that distress to the online world?

Unethical videoing is probably encouraged by reality TV shows designed to humiliate participants. If TV hosts mock participants and the audience is encouraged to do the same and even encourage participants to physical fights, some people  will take that to mean it is okay to video such unethical behaviour.

How do we show people that unethical videoing is disgraceful behaviour. Popular online videoing channels and newspapers could do the ethical step of banning such videos. Perhaps it is time to make it a crime to video people in distress and being beaten up and then  posting it on a website. Of course, some unethical journalist will complain that this will hinder their news collecting ability and that the public have a right to see these thing. Do you agree that their complaint should be ignored. What right does anyone have to gain financially and in “reputation” by videoing the pain of others and showing that pain to the world … probably against the wishes of the person being videoed?

We can do our bit to by complaining. “un-liking” and making comments about how disgusting those unethical videoing acts are.