Sledging – yet another another example of unethical behaviour in sport has come to light.

It is hard to believe! Some people are so desperate to win a cricket  match that they will stoop to verbally abusing other players. “Sledging” is a term used in cricket to describe how some players seek to gain an advantage by insulting or verbally intimidating the opposing player. The purpose is to try to weaken the opponent’s concentration, confidence and self-esteem thereby causing him to make mistakes or under-perform.

How is sledging allowed to continue … why would any human being want to do this to another? In other words, instead of winning with skill and excellent team work, you win by hurting another person to such an extent that they cannot play to their best ability. Does this mean that the team who wins has players who can best deal with being insulted and sworn at?

In article No 7 “Sports ethics: Why are some sportspeople unethical?” we saw a number of cheating/unethical behaviours of athletes and rugby players. Now we can include some cricket players. I read an article that stated there was a DEBATE is poor sportsmanship or good humoured banter. Come on, who are they trying to kid? To deliberately mock, belittle or enrage the other player is not humour. The objective of sledging is to win by distracting another… by hurting him/her mentally. There is no banter involved.

Our society is beginning to see mocking other as acceptable. Politicians do it in Parliament and many television shows are based on mocking others. Perhaps that is why some cricketers think that sledging is okay. It is not .. it is unethical and therefre bad sportsmanship. It should stop.