In  Article 56 “Unethical Bosses” I showed how ethics is not a complicated matter. We can see this in another way by looking at , what seems to be, common bad behaviour of some bosses.

First, unethical bosses, because of their own personal or domestic problems, will deliberately make life difficult for their direct reports. For example, I am sure you would agree, shouting, swearing are unethical.

Second, knowingly giving people tasks they have not been trained for or for some other reason are unable to complete without considerable difficulty, is unethical

Third, unethical bosses, instead of being assertive/fair and dismissing an employee they do not like or think is under-performing with give them terrible tasks or even deliberate bait them into emotional responses, thus giving hem the excuse to fire.

Fourth, unethical bosses will knowing give people equipment which is unfit to do the required job.

Fifthly, unethical bosses will blame others when they have made mistakes.

Sixth, unethical bosses, will take no action when given evidence of bullying or other difficulties which are adversely affecting people at worry.

Why do some bosses do this? Yes, they may not be able to deal with their own problems. They may be trying to cover up their own incompetence or insecurity. But, probably unknowingly, their bad behaviours boil down to just not caring  about the people who report to them. And of course, unethical bosses are bad for business!!!