It seems to be universally held that religious people are good people, do not commit crimes and do not behave unethically. Of course we know that  a few religious people, including those ordained do comitt crimes, such as fraud and sexual assault. But what about the more suble unacceptable behaviour of being unethical? What if some of the practices of a religion “allow” or “encourage its followers to be unethical.

I am thinking of a recent story of a female Muslim student being lashed in public because she stood, too close to another male student who was not a relation. Even if later stories are true that she had sex with the other student is not lashing someone in public unethical? Another aspect of some Muslim sects is women having to be covered head to foot … some allow showing the eyes and some not even that. Is this not subjugation of women? Is it not keeping them in a prison because their religious leaders say, that is God ‘s will. Is that not unethical?

I am not getting at Islam, as there are other religious practices that  seem unethical. For example, killing an animal in the street by cutting it’s throat as a sacrifice. Is it not an unethical religious practice to say that people who believe in a different way are wrong,  stupid, damned to hell and children of the  devil?

Of course this whole topic is steep in controversy because one if one identifies an unethical religious practice, one could be accused of limiting religious freedom. However, surely if any religious practice harms or hurts another human being physically or psychologically, it is an unethical religious practice.