Unethical politicians are often unethical in several subtle ways.

One of their main tools is to use words in ways which tell half-truths. For example, notice how many politicians state that UKIP is anti-immigration (note, I don’t support any political party). Those politician KNOW this is not true. UKIP is not anti-immigration, it is anti uncontrolled immigration – a big difference. So some politicians deliberately mislead people to turn them against others.  When a politicians says that David Cameron (Conservative) wants to “take away people human rights”, this is a half-truth.  Cameron wants to stop abuses of the Human Rights Act by swapping it for a UK Bill of Rights. (Of course, there will be differences on what people consider a human right).

As ordinary citizens we want our politicians to tell the truth  and to persuade us with the facts and accurate arguments – not mislead us by clever, misleading use of words. As ordinary people we often find it difficult to see through the unethical politicians.

Another way unethical politicians abuse words is to make people who do not agree with them “evil”. For example, when I voted “no” in the Scottish independence referendum, I was told I was being unpatriotic, stupid and a coward. Unethical politicians are clever and sneaky with their use of words. For example they use words like “fair” and “social justice” without explaining what they mean by them and how they would go about it. What is fair to one person may be unfair to others.

Yet another ways unethical politicians use their intelligence to manipulate people to get what they want is to say something derogatory enough …. knowing that most people with time will come to believe it. Again, I stress that I am not against or for any politician party, but an example of this is the SNP in Scotland making out that the English (but they use the word “Tories”) are evil and bad.

Of course, the worst kind of unethical politician is to give veiled threats . Again during the Scottish independence referendum a senior SNP member threatened the CEO of a major oil company with “retribution” because he gave an opinion that it was  unwise for Scotland to be independent.

As a society we have to teach the next generation and the existing one to be aware when politicians are unethically using words  to manipulate us.