SEVEN PRACTICAL WAYS The Ethics Doctor  can assist your organisation get its “ethical house” in order and keep it there.

  1. Preparing an ethics policy suitable for your organisation and industry.
  2. Devising a code of ethics (or update an existing one) for your association, or professional body.
  3. Preparing documentation in plain English on your organisation’s ethics policy or professional code of conduct for internal and external use.
  4. Conducting ethics audits to check if your ethics policy is being followed by individuals and departments.
  5. Your non-executive director responsible for oversight of standards and ethics.
  6. Presentations and coaching sessions for managers and staff.
  7. Your on-call spokesperson on all things ethical.
  8. An experienced academic supervisor for post-graduate ethics candidates.

A Note to Senior Managers

Dr Bill Robb - The Ethics Doctor

You already know that modern business (profit or non-profit) requires ethical conduct in many different ways. You also know that in the long-run an ethical business will be a successful one.

Most of the time we know what is ethical and what is not. However, sometimes the ethical thing to do is not so clear. Just like all of life, ethical conduct and self-interest is a balance.

Dr Bill Robb is your ethics expert on call. You can see his credentials here.

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